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Anne-Sophie Lacombe Garcia

Out of the Tunnel
Anne-Sophie Lacombe Garcia is a 2021 senior at Sacred Heart Preparatory. Born to a French father and Mexican mother, she was exposed to a diversity of experiences from a very young age. Whether she is performing on stage or working within her community through service, Anne-Sophie loves helping others see the world through the lens of compassion.
"Even though some would say I had to grow up too quickly, I would say I learned what love is too early" says Lacombe Garcia. A self-reliant young woman, who has a first hand experience of loss and grief. "I realized that the worst fear of any child--losing a parent--had already happened. So, there was nothing more to fear." In this emotional talk, she reveals the painful dilemma between suffering and compassion; an imbalance that stops us from achieving our full potential. "Suffering and loss don’t necessarily have to be enemies that we spend our whole lives hating", Lacombe Garcia says.

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