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Alan Kagiri

The Detriment of a Developing Monoculture: Rediscovering the Beauty that Lies in the Indigenous
Alan Mburu Kagiri will be attending the University of Chicago in the fall with hopes of pursuing a double major in Computer Science and International Relations, along with possibly learning Arabic. At Sacred Heart he enjoyed debating, advocacy work, dancing, sampling farm food, attending social events, and being challenged intellectually by his peers, teachers, and mentors. Alan aims to explore more types of dance movements and styles, hopefully learn how to play a guitar after three years of astonishing failure, join intramural soccer, and hopefully join a model UN club. He confident that the brutal Chicago winters will break him numerously, but he is never one to quit, and if his body fails to adapt, he will simply not leave his dorm and admire the wintry weather behind his seven layers of clothing and impenetrable fortress.

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